Alsino Skowronnek
Freelance data and interface designer

Alsino Skowronnek is a Berlin-based data- and interface designer. A geographer by training, he has worked for different organizations around the world, most often somewhere between spreadsheets, maps and policy. He has worked for the OECD in Paris, as well as for Statista in Hamburg and a few other companies and public bodies in Berlin.  Alsino now works as a freelance designer and consultant for different organizations and has formed a strong network of partners in design, code, geo and the media in Berlin and abroad. He is the founder and organizer of Maptime Berlin and co-founder of the Design Bureau Studio Karat. For his work on Airbnb vs. Berlin, he has been nominated for several awards. Amongst others the Designpreis Brandenburg, the Information is Beautiful Award and the Grimme Online Award.