Stephan Schindler
CEO, Gründer von Metropolis VR

Stephan started his career as a cameraman and editor. After university, he joined Avid Technology when it was still a start-up. At the end of his 10 years at Avid he ran it’s global Broadcast business unit as General Manager based in Boston. In 2002 he joined Silicon Graphics Inc., where he formed a Broadcast business unit across EMEA and eventually spun it out under the name "Silex Media”, which he ran as CEO from 2006 and managed its acquisition by TATA Consultancy Services, for whom he subsequently headed its worldwide 'Digital Media' initiatives. In 2014 Stephan joined Wonderlamp Industries as CEO. He also co-founded Metropolis VR and is a founding member of Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. and serves as chairman of the board.