Christian Möller
Director of Photography

Christian Möller is a Director of Photography and VR Technologist with more than 10 years of experience.  He is specialized in documentary and narrative projects. With his passion for omnidirectional filmmaking he shot multiple research and commercial films, focusing on different approaches to the art of camerawork and new ways of storytelling. Christian strong intercultural skills and ability to adapt have been key in all his projects with different international teams in almost all locations (e.g. USA, Russia, China, Uganda, Kenia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Switzerland, France) across the Globus. Driven by the strong influence of Virtual Reality in his work since 2011, he founded the company INVR.SPACE GmbH based in Berlin/Germany in 2015.  At INVR.SPACE he is responsible for developing strong visual imagery and suitable portfolio. His impressive record till end of 2016 at INVR.SPACE reflects his level of experience, with several projects he has been in charge: “BMW I driving experience – VR” the Lumière Award Winner, “Smart Cabrio VR” a commercial, “Wait for Me”, a narrative interactive short film, “Hit and Run”, a film and also game, “Future of VR”, a documentary video app, “Rhizomat”, a narrative VR space questioning VR .