Microsoft expert Steve Sullivan on Holographic Video and Mixed Reality experiences

Holographic Video captures scenes and rooms with hundreds of cameras from various perspectives. This creates Mixed Reality experiences which can be brought to life through HoloLens. Steve Sullivan, director of the Holographic Video initiative at Microsoft, will present Microsoft’s new technology for Holographic Video production at #MCB17. The holographics studio not only facilitates production, but also transmission and customisation of content in order to make scenes usable for HoloLens, Virtual Reality and traditional 2D productions. Under Sullivan’s aegis, impressive volumetric videos of real people and presentations for Mixed Reality and traditional 2D are created at Microsoft in this fashion.

Previously, Sullivan was responsible for technical development of the film, TV and games divisions at ILM/Lucasfilm for over ten years. More than 70 films – among them “Star Wars”, “Avatar”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Transformers, “Harry Potter” and “Minority Report” – bear his hallmark, and he was awarded three Oscars in the realm of technology. The long-term member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as well as the Academy’s Science and Technology Council has developed over 20 pioneering patents.