Video Interview with Frank Pasquale, Holder of the #MCB17-Opening Keynote

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Frank Pasquale is a professor of law at the University of Maryland and one of the world-leading experts when it comes to transparency and control of algorithms. He views the increasing relevance of algorithms critically and blames them, amongst other things, for the populism raging on social media these days. Pasquale’s keynote on the topic of “The Automated Public Sphere”, which will open the media-political focus of MCB on the re:publica stage 1, is covering said dangers. Beyond that, he will illustrate methods of solution as well. Pasquale argues, for example, that consumers and data protection authorities, anti-monopoly and media supervision agencies should cooperate to ensure effective surveillance for digital platforms and to be able to intervene on a regulatory level as the case may be. But he even goes further: Pasquale poses the question whether it might be time for a cultural shift, which would entail having to scrutinise our relationship with media and the consumption thereof fundamentally.